Upcoming conferences

5th International Conference on Interactivity, Language & Cognition, September 2021

Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in the Cognitive and Language Sciences

Abstracts deadline: 14.05.2021

Conference date: 15-19.10.2021

Location: Warsaw / online

With this conference we aim to strengthen the ongoing conversations and strike new encounters among researchers working within ecological, enactive, cognitive ethnographic and dynamical systems frameworks and others approaches, to unite them in a common concern for the complexity, richness and fragility of individual and collective cognition as it arises from language-infused interactions. We will try to give due weight to the qualitative methods, under the assumption that the best “measuring device” for human purposes is another human being: we have evolved not only to read each other but to feel with each other and act together. In seeking “tender” quantitative methods we will turn to those approaches which:

  • do not take operationalization to be a straightforward process,
  • can respect complexity, reciprocal causality and emergence,
  • refrain from hasty reifications of theoretical constructs, and
  • promote process-oriented analyses.

More information on the conference website

Past conferences


Virtual Symposium organized by BALLAB and TRAINCREASE

Recordings available online! YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs5jRYQcPrfOHEhl2ITAFdjJjHkDnZJTV

Using abstract concepts (e.g., "freedom") is one of the most sophisticated abilities humans possess. In this conference, some of the leading scientists in the field propose novel perspectives on abstract concepts, their acquisition, representation, and use. The first session is dedicated to the influence of inner speech and language on abstract concepts use and representation. The second session focuses on novel interactive methods to investigate abstract concepts and on abstract concepts variability across cultures and languages. Finally, the third session addresses the role of sensorimotor and interoceptive, emotional, and metacognitive aspects on abstract concepts acquisition, representation, and use.

We warmly invite you to the conference which will be held online on March 15th, 16th and 17th.

More information on the conference website

Twinning TRAINCREASE Kick-off meeting, 19 January 2021

“From Social Interaction to Abstract Concepts and Words: Towards Human-centered Technology Development”

Recordings available online! YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs5jRYQcPrfNWIgVD7j3MsipNEFVGIlCu

The project “From Social Interaction to Abstract Concepts and Words: Towards Human-centered Technology Development” is aimed at strengthening the interdisciplinary field of research on the emergence, understanding and use of abstract concepts and words in human, and human-machine interaction through the collaboration between the University of Warsaw, the University of Manchester, Sapienza University of Rome and Aarhus University. At the same time, the goal is to strengthen the research potential and research management skills at the University of Warsaw.

We warmly invite you to the Kick-off meeting which will be held online on January 19th, 12:00 - 15:00 (Warsaw time). During the meeting, you will have the opportunity to learn and discuss the current research projects and collaboration possibilities with partnering institutions. They will present their research projects.

More information on the kick-off meeting website

Konferencja Perypatetyczna, 8-11 October 2020

Systemy hybrydowe: krzem i węgiel

Celem dorocznych konferecji dotyczących modelowania systemów poznawczych jest wymiana doświadczeń badaczy systemów poznających od studentów po doświadczonych pracowników, ale też odejście od "zasiadanego" modelu konferencji. Planujemy po 3h sesji rano i wieczorem, dzień natomiast poświęcamy na rozmowy o nauce na szlaku. W tym roku tematem konferecji będą hybrydowe układy poznające, stąd podtytuł konfnerencji to "Krzem i Węgiel". Miejsce: Beskid. Więcej informacji wkrótce na stronie konferencji.

Quali-Quanti Virtual Symposium, 18-19 September 2020

Quantitative Preserving the Qualitative: a Teaser for Integrating Methodologies

Recordings available online! YouTube playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT64-ZvFd3tZSTyLxTy73X8eBujgx3PLo

We are happy to announce that a teaser event for the upcoming CILC5 2021 conference was held virtually with 270 registered participants from all over the world. Our aim was to bring together researchers working within several approaches, who are aligned by their focus on preserving the value-realizing and qualitative aspects of human behavior and experience, and who seek quantitative methods that enable this. Researchers from both “quali” and “quanti” sides has presented their views on the problem of integration of these complementary approaches to science. The most important issues and common language to talk about them before the stationary conference in 2021 have started to emerge.

See more at the symposium website

Peripatetic Conference 2019 (WWW)

Since 2010 we organize Peripatetic Conferences on Cognitive Systems Modeling. Conferences take place in the mountains and consist of talks and long hikes which provide opportunities for extended discussions. We believe that the rarefied mountain air and the physical exertion bring our brains to another level of functioning.