Biological Digitality with Prof. Howard H. Pattee

6/11/2020, 16:00 (GMT+1, Warsaw) Google Meet, meeting link

The first HILL seminar in this academic year will be dedicated to the discussion about “biological digitality”. We are honored to host Prof. Howard H.Pattee, an American biologist, Professor Emeritus at Binghamton University. The meeting will be held in a form of video conference, Prof. Pattee will be with us in e-mail contact.

We will discuss what is the digitality; this particular kind of symbolism, computable, conductive to transmission and copying, which seems to cover more and more of our activities.

We encourage you to read the classical article authored by Prof. Howard H. Pattee “Cell Psychology: An Evolutionary Approach to the Symbol-Matter Problem” (1982) [1]. We will also discuss the draft of his newest article and his latest conversation with Prof. Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi. Those materials are available on demand.

  1. Howard H. Pattee. 1982. Cell Psychology: An Evolutionary Approach to the Symbol-Matter Problem. Laws, Language and Life pp 165-179

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